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We repair dents and dings in car bodies using Paintless Dent Repair, a highly skilled process that removes dents while leaving your car’s paint finish intact and undamaged. Read More


"I can’t believe my car looks this great"

-David Martin, Berlin City, NH

"In June, my car got dented by hail bigger than a golf ball! There were dents everywhere on my car; even the little chrome strips along the edges of my windows were dented. The gentlemen at Dent Magic had my car looking like it was brand new, they even washed it! Thank you!"

-JeanBellows Falls, VT

"The guys at Dent Magic did a great job on taking the hail dents out of my truck. You can’t even tell it was ever damaged."

-Jean-Claude Robitaille, Gorham, NH

"Thank you guys sooo much! My car looks awesome!"

-Eyvonne Martin, Westminster West, VT

"Thank you for all your kindness and hard work you do! Your thoughtfulness will not be forgotten!"

-Lilo Braade, Westminster, VT

"The guys at Dent Magic were very professional and finished my repairs in a very timely manner, thanks you!"

-R. Bouchard, Lancaster, NH

"The guys at Dent Magic rock! They got all of the dents out of my wife’s car. You cant tell it was ever even in a hail storm. Great job!"

-T. Haskell, Bellows Falls, VT

"My son hit our brand new SUV with his baseball in the door. I took it to Paul’s Auto Body in Berlin City. They said that a company was helping them repair the cars damaged by the hail and they thought Dent Magic could fix my door as well. I didn’t believe them, but wow, you can’t tell there was ever a dent there! Definitely will be calling them first! "

-B. McAllister, Lancaster, NH

Hail Hits VT Again!

Wow, hail hits VT again! This time in Rutland. Please give us a call or …