We Get You Back On The Road Faster

When you consult with a Dent Magic technician, we will perform a 20-30 minute estimate of your vehicle’s damage. We work with all major insurance companies, allowing us to assist you with making the repair process as simple and easy as possible.

We remove dings, dents and creases on your vehicle. We also repair hail damage all without painting the automobile. As long as the paint is intact and not damaged, our process is a viable repair technique.

About PDR
PDR is executed with a variety of tools that are used to access the backside of the automobile panel. The technician uses these tools to make a series of small, deliberate pushes that gradually push out the dent until the panel is smooth again. Applying too much pressure too fast will leave a ‘textured’ finish. The body metal needs to be manipulated with care and finesse.

paintless dent removal

In areas of the automobile where the underside of the panel is inaccessible, such as the “rails”, the portion of the roof along the tops of the doors, a PDR technician will use glue pulling. This technique works the damage from the outer surface by pulling the center of the dent upwards with a specialized heated glue and plastic tabs.


Every time you alter the paint on your auto, the auto’s value decreases. Traditional body work sands or grinds the paint, fills the dent with repair compound and then repaints the auto through a long, painstaking multi-step process. It takes days or weeks to complete, and it reduces the value of your car. PDR keeps the finish intact, and can often be completed in just a day. In addition, we’re mobile: and most times can be in an area convenient to you. Overall, PDR is faster, more convenient and helps your car retain more value than traditional dent removal.