PDR Myths vs. Realities

how does pdr workMyth: PDR is done with dry ice.
Reality: In the past, some dent removal was done by heating the panel with a torch and then quickly cooling it with dry ice or cold water. This could pop out dents, but it is a crude method compared to modern PDR which is much more accurate and detailed.


Myth: PDR is done by machine.
Reality: Dent Magic PDR is done 100 percent by hand.

Myth: All PDR is the same.
Reality: There is a lot of bad PDR out there. Signs of bad PDR include a “textured appearance”, cracks in the paint finish or even access holes drilled. These cracks in the paint or access holes that are drilled can rust out and could mean that the car needs to be fully repainted, defeating the purpose of “paintless” dent removal. Bad PDR can actually lower the value of your automobile. It can void your warranty. Know who you are dealing with before they touch your vehicle!

Don’t risk it…trust your dents and dings to the experts!